martes, 7 de julio de 2015

A simple reflexion

There's a necessity inside every single human to scape. To go out from our society and routine for a while. Most of those young men and women have that necessity at their 20s (as it's my case) but the desire of a temporal disappearance is welcome at every age.

What are we looking for, then? Well, probably the answer to that question is nothing. Or everything. We are looking for something new and different but, at the same time, we look for something that was always with us, something that we were already supposed to know: Ourselves. Who we really are.

Yesterday, as I was watching some of the scenes of one of my favourite movies: INTO THE WILD I just couldn't hold the tears. This was due to the pure identification that I was feeling with the main character, Alexander Supertramp and the fear, just the fear.

Fear of not coming back after my journey or just fear to the unknown. Well, I guess that that's somehow related to the fear that the prisioners could feel before getting out of the cavern they belonged to.

That's it. Thanks for reading ;)

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